Shauna Thompson

Shauna Thompson
Media Buyer/Negotiator
1-888-456-2450 x32

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What was “your finest moment”, the thing you’re most proud of? 

All measurable results! In retail it was sales numbers. At Adstrategies, I love hearing attendance was up at a show I worked on.

What was your most embarrassing moment in this business? 

Starting out in radio sales, I wore a dog costume to a pet company sales call. There is a picture out there somewhere. I didn’t get the business but I did get the respect of my peers. (Oh, I guess I didn’t get that either.)

What attracted you to Adstrategies? 

Previously I’d either worked in local markets buying only local or for national clients buying same-same no matter the market. Adstrategies is a national organization with clients in dozens of markets yet functions like a local agency in each and every market. As a planner, I love researching the markets and getting to know the local media partners. Every market has its own personality and that’s the challenge and the fun of it.

What’s your favorite sports team? 

Washington State Cougars (class of 1987).

Latest Twitter Feed:
  • Boat Shows are in the news in many cities this weekend and nationally as well!