What We Do

From our World Headquarters on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Adstrategies successfully works to grow business and increase revenue for our clients across 39 states and Canada.

From start to finish, we make the most of your marketing dollars! The strategic development and forward-thinking implementation of aggressive, laser-focused media plans are the foundation on which we build your success. We then blaze ahead with dynamic promotions, high-impact added value, sharp creative design and production, web design and development and perfectly matched sponsorships.

Understanding the complexities of successful marketing is critical in the era of “new media.” Gone are the days when a media plan consisted of an occasional ad in the daily newspaper, a few radio spots in drive time, and a few more in the local television station’s morning news. Smart marketing in today’s world of seemingly endless options requires discerning, well-researched, hands-on expertise in “new media,” combined with an intelligent strategy that makes best use of the options every step of the way! We have the knowledge, the drive, and the heart necessary to successfully lead your business through today’s intricate advertising maze!

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