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Video Production
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What got you into the business in the first place? 

Being encouraged to use my creativity growing up combined with a fascination with computers.

Who was a big influence in your career?

My father.

What was your most embarrassing moment in this business?

Last year. (It was a long moment.)

What attracted you to Adstrategies?

The managers and team members have good heads on their shoulders. They are professional and serious about business while treating their employees like what they are – real people with lives and struggles of their own.

Do you have a method of coming up with ideas and solutions for clients?

In my experience, if a client is in need of advertising, they already know what’s wrong and have an idea of how to fix it. Even if they’re not sure, by picking their brain a little it usually comes out. Listening and asking lots of questions gets the direction, then it’s only a matter what cutting edge style will properly approach their demo?

What makes a great brand?

I would say there are two main things. First, that you’re representing yourself accurately and professionally, both visually and verbally. Second, that you’re pushing that representation out to the right ears and eyes and doing so consistently enough to make those people think of you when they have the need that you cater to.

What’s your favorite TV program?

LOST was the only show I’ve ever gotten angry that I had to wait an entire week to continue the next part of the story, which I knew would just leave me hanging in this angry place again. Looking back, I guess it was pretty unhealthy to love a thing that rollercoaster’s me like that. So, LOST and LOST.

What do you do for a good time when you’re not working?

Engage my kids and/or read.

What are your favorite internet sites

Hard question. YouTube is pretty cool.

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